Making Connections – Let the students do it

April 30, 2008

Darrel Ince, Head of Computing talked about a project “Let the students do it” to produce a student generated course. He said that this was part of an approach to challenge the OU.

The particular course he described introduced elearning to the students, where the main output is 10 weeks of producing a course – with the best of the assignments becoming an OU course. A wiki will be used as the authoring environment – though at first on an individual basis (collaboration may follow). The course will be finished in May – delivered in October 2009. The courses to be generated at first was suggested as “Computational Intelligence”, “Computer music” or “Web 2.0” –intention at the moment to look at Web 2.0. Funding now for 120 students to write a book on Computer Music together with Oxford University Press and AuthorWorks print on demand.

Overall approach 20 weeks in e-learning. Select and agree topic. Work with one other student. With a focus on the chucks that are produced. The output could be on OpenLearn, with the aim that output is Creative Commons. Interest also in OU staff taking the course in the first phase. In tune with companies like 37signals where there is a switch to consumer production. 


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