Pittsburgh fortune cookies

March 14, 2008

Having finished with meetings from the Hewlett OER meeting the gang from the OU went out for a nice Thai meal and got our fortune cookies – could they be describing OpenLearn :-).

Fortune cookies

But which of us got which one! Can you match the fortune to Jerard, Simon, Andy and Patrick?


5 Responses to “Pittsburgh fortune cookies”

  1. Laura Says:

    I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess… but I think the “Boys will be boys” is the Yin and Yang telling you the women from the project should be invited to these meetings 😉

  2. simonfj Says:

    Yeah, that’s just what we need. More bodies on more planes to more conferences, and more blogs giving more second hand reports about them. Anything, so long as we don’t have to use comms tools like Accessgrid.

    Forget the fortune cookies (in a Thai restaurant?). On our dashing and bold adventure, we’ll find some great mind who can explain Step 2 ,,,,,,,, sometime or other. http://www.sciencecartoonsplus.com/gallery.htm

  3. Gill Says:

    Well, not knowing the people involved (apart from Patrick) I think I’d simply link the fortune cookies to the names in order listed: left – right, top – bottom. So:

    Life to Gerard is a dashing and bold adventure
    Simon finds it much easier to be critical than correct
    Ideas Andy might believe as absurd ultimately lead to success

    Unfortunately the last one isn’t talking directly to the reader – so that lets you off Patrick 🙂

    But am I close?

  4. Patrick Says:

    Thanks for comments. Quite agree that we do too much of this travelling around – though it was a good week for finding out what was going on and showing what we had been up to. As well as the blog there are some videos of presentations available via the symposium site http://www.cmu.edu/oli/symposium2008/ wiki. We don’t even need accessgrid level technology most of the time – FlashMeeting and skype often come in very useful. Like the cartoon!

    2 out of 4 Gill!

  5. simonfj Says:

    Thanks for the link. Never would have found it. Just working my way through the stuff. Found what i was looking for in HP’s review.
    Pg. 26

    “We caution, however, that more institutions and even more examples of any one course aren’t necessarily better. How would we handle a “success disaster” in which, for example, a teacher now has access to 100 elementary calculus courses? We need incentives and mechanisms to promote creation and access to fewer instances of the same course but with more support material, more commentary, more examples, etc.”

    Could we turn this around and start putting the emphasis on the comms rather than the content? It’s the only way I can see the subject groups buried in institutions sharing the production of fewer, better courses, rather than doing their own thing.

    Some friendly NREN engineers at your end are reinventing the .ac.uk wheel. But at least they’ll have the network view of things, which is needed. http://www.janetcollaborate.ac.uk/forum/

    Re the Accessgrid. It’s just an “ensemble” right? And just the OS version of Flashmeeting type of things at that. Sooner or later we’re going to have to get really disruptive, and figure out how to create an intercountry Skype-like network, and then start layering all the the other stuff, bandwidth permitting. Either that or you’re going to have to explain step 2 to me.

    P.s. You did bring a fortune cookie back for Laura I’m sure. What did it say?

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