Hewlett: Closing session

March 13, 2008

Cathy Casserly relaunched oerderves with a chance to comment on this meeting and the way forward (though I am not sure that the commenting is working just know).

We then had an open discussion with issues from the floor:

  • UNESCO trying to reach the world and keep
  • Communicate the good news – make more visible
  • How do people find our stuff
  • Ecology of the user experience – by working together
  • Plug our own project – OER Recommender (David Wiley)
  • What does search
  • Also find help on how to use as well as just find
  • Vijay Kumar: Draw on experience with how best to get information to MIT faculty – want real voices. About the movement as well as the content.
  • Need to also look at exciting leaps forward as well as steps – research is needed
  • Content will be free – services provided on top.
  • Philosophy at Hewlett is cheap is not free
  • CC-by needed to open up all content for services
  • Need to keep teachers on board
  • What is the next small step to take – guidance, planning to bring OERs into teacher training.
  • Challenge to not fall into traps and genuinely help – for Africa that means that there is local involvement in producing OERs before take up of those from others.
  • Transplanting sophisticated approaches (e.g. OUUK) that depend on educators who know how to help people learn, otherwise it will get turned into transmission.
  • Work with the Social aspects of the web
  • Work with institutions – providing infrastructure to create own content, did help working with provided content and for OCW to come along later.
  • Find key people and then help them get their message across
  • Africa – need to ensure Africans are full collaborators in the activity (also true for any area of the world need co-collaboration).

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