OLI: Assessment panel

March 12, 2008

Alan Schoenfeld

This is the session that I am speaking in but first up is Alan – who is a genuine expert on assessment for University of California, Berkeley. Here he is talking about the assessing the right stuff and starts by looking at the discipline aspects at how it can be linked to sense-making. He suggests that the learning community has different characteristics building on knowledge base, problem solving, metacognition., and beliefs etc. His first example is using the magic square as a way to draw learners into solving generalised problems. He briefly considered a community e.g. Brown & ? and the Knowledge Forum work that comes from Marlen Scardamalia’s work. What You Test Is What You Get. (Implies What You Don’t Test Is What You Don’t Get.) His presentation included considering What kind of traces could help with assessment/monitoring? This led inot a challenge for the technology providers to support this.


Mark Wilson

Mark describe how students become dissatisfied with assessments and the general mismatch with exams and expectation. Mark then looked at the results of work on Knowing What Students Know – he showed a triangle with nodes observations, interpretatin, cognition. As the assessment triangle to encourage thinking through of needs looking for coherence.


Assessment design principles:

Model of student learning

Tested items

Clear inferences about student competence

Applied in a particular context


Mark led into looking at the BEAR assessment system that seeks to apply the principles of sound assessment:

       Developmental perspective

       Match between instruction and assessment

       Management by teachers

       Quality evidence



My talk (Patrick McAndrew)

For my talk the slides are available (alongside all the slides for the conference) and there is a video of the whole session as well. They are from the Symposium site at 


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