Hewlett: Discussing Learning Principles

March 12, 2008

Susan Ambrose – Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence

Talked about adopting a learner-centred approach to learning. She gave out a handout to support the idea of using principles to drive into supporting learning. The first aspect is how to assess prior learning – which we are asked to discuss in small groups. 


Aside: While this is probably worthwhile it brings out for me that challenges are changing as we move to open resources and lose the control that is implied by being able to assess prior knowledge. In Open Content it is primarily the learner’s decision whether or not to go forward. Andy Lane made the comment that much of what was being said matched well to controlled small scale situations but making each learning situation have the same loading of assessment of prior learning does not scale well. For OER work we need to separate out these aspects and see that we need to perhaps develop learning skills and reflective practices. We can see some of this happening in the learner generated Knowledge Maps of OpenLearn – but in other respects it can feel like a leap into the unknown.

Knowledge map from OpenLearn 


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