CETIS Final session with Mark Stiles

November 21, 2007

The feedback session chaired by Adam Cooper (who is now an Assistant Director of CETIS). This was a quick run round around with slides (including a neat animated one from Brian Kelly). I guess that these are going to be available via the CETIS conference site.

Mark Stiles then gave a fairly short final presentation. Mark felt that most of the issues we were talking about began with C –hence his title time for a C change. His background section raised the view that the VLE was causing its own problems when the reaction to web2.0 being to add a module to deal with each new feature. This is not the right thing to do. He then led into a talk organised as questions.

The first batch looked at the way the new technology tries to control: but why should we do this? and actually is it not better if there were separate independent groups created by learners themselves. For me this was a good point – I am very keen on building up a space to support the learners on OpenLearn but the most straightforward way to do this is controling. A better concept is that we are providing models for how users might interact with each other.

Mark then moved on to freedom v control in terms of how institutions react. At one level the fundamental position of “What are we selling?” as universities has yet to be properly addressed. He showed some work he had carried out using a simple interactive grid in Flash about where control lies across institution, tutor and learner initiation of action. The talk ended with a suggestion to visit their work on facebook, Not sure I got the right url but URL is http://staffs.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6572643972 and going on facebook and searching for elearning models seems to give the right sort of information.


2 Responses to “CETIS Final session with Mark Stiles”

  1. Mark Stiles Says:

    The tensions between innovation and control group can be found at:


  2. Patrick Says:

    Thanks Mark – I have now put the Facebook link into my notes. Thanks also for the stimulating talk.

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