Sarah Porter at CETIS

November 20, 2007

Sarah Porter is now Head of Development of JISC. Her starting theme was innovation, kicking off with the Wikipedia definition and explaining how JISC programmes such as looking at the learner experience feed into innovation. Sarah showed an interesting graph showing how the introductionof fees has changed both the numbers and the profile of students. So in the future there will be less students and they will be richer. The question then is how to reach those who are now excluded – this made me wonder if open content and open education have a role? Sarah also talked about Rogers/Moores innovation model and the Ventraman MIT mdoel of transformation. That model suggests that the transformation layer to connect bottom up (practice and experimentation) and top down (strategy and policy) initiatives. As Sarah said this is not new – but HE is a complex distributed system and so this is not easy!

JISC’s own place in this was shown through their eLerarning programme and some examples – ‘In their own words’ (which included a quote from Grainne’s report), SCORM player from Icodeon, Diana’s pedgogy planner, and RELOAD, Leadin into some of the more strategic – CAMLE, XCRI. Sarah ended byflagging a book called ‘The e-revolution and post-compulsory education’ from Routledge (possibly authored by Peter Ford). JISC e-Framework got a final mention as something to be seen as outlining ways to connect rather than something to be filled in. An attractive description for our own role was that we should all be secret agents to push for change as indivividuals – while also joining communities of practice and increasing our profile (not sure that is entirely consisten!).

Questions were about the role of the discipline in crossing over the connections between institutions with subject centres playing a role.


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