Computing service view – Iain Stinson

November 20, 2007

Iain Stinson

presented a computer centre view via UCISA. He started by saying the computer services has moved on and can even spell two point nought (I was told a while ago that shows you are outside the loop and two point oh is essential to show you are with it!). This led into discussion of what UCISA achieves and how it works for the members with a close look at concerns via a – top concerns survey. Aparently available via their website. – just checked it is at . Leading to 28 issues and ranking via the web – effectively a delphi approach by the sounds of it. The ranking and changes over time were then described. Iain apologised several times for the powerpoint and colours used. Funding came in at #1 and eLearning at #3. The rise of eLearning indicates how much more that is being spent of these in institutions and the change from systems off every Wednesday afternoon to running open access labs on Christmas. An emerging issue was green computing – apparently there is a league table of that (just looked and the OU is absent from the table – not an unusual aspect of tables). Iain also noted that social computing had not managed to make it to the top 20 – it might now!


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