CETIS conference: Oleg Liber

November 20, 2007

I am at the JISC CETIS conference and following the success of blogging at the OpenLearn2007 conference am having another go starting with Oleg’s opening talk.

Oleg Liber is kicking off the conference with a look at the changes that have happened from no computers in everyday learning to now having broadband in every cottage. But he has just presented an analogy that involves slowly boiling a frog! Apparently the frog will not leap out if the increase in temperature is gradual enough. Are we being boiled to death by the slow (or not so slow) heat of technology?


Despite his comments about institutions being boiled to death – Oleg was suggesting that we should not be afraid of change. His first example was about the opening up of content – linking through to validation, tools and the way people work at a personal level. Interesting from the OpenLearn point of view was his description of the world of free content v the internal formal repositories. He used the term an “ecology of content repositories”, which of course resonates with John Seely Brown’s ecosystem presented at OpenLearn2007. Oleg raised a big question of “Do we need universities?”. His quotes were from Illich (1976) about the couterproductive fight for survival of institutions as opposed to the change in how they can be viewed as there for the user. He ended his introduction by asking us to think about our view, our achievements for this year, and what we should seek to achieve this year?

The afternoon groups will all cover different points he touched on. He described how each group will produce one slide (one sentence and one picture) as a result that should be uploded as a google doc. Sounds like an efficient way to get a summary!

As a link through to Sarah Porter from JISC he mentioned has launched a rolling call on supporting innovation.


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