Yishay’s learning patterns

October 31, 2007

Yishay’s learning patterns

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Right Yishay Mor is going to do this presentation, at the moment trying to get his presentation up.

He’s looking at the broad definition of design “everyone designs who devise course of action aimed at changing existing situations into desired ones” (Simon, 1969)

He is looking at design patterns now … and now onto learning patterns based on games for mathematical learning. This is under the Kaleidoscope JERIP (?) project.

Wow – he is going quickly …

Anyway, now talking about the pattern workshop model. He is talking about someone telling some people about some things that happen and this becomes a case study and then they can ask contexts thing such as where, when, how and what …from this people are able to make conversations where people says whether they have done the same thing … he has some really nice stick diagrams …

Connections have to be made by the language learner for these contexts. The contexts are usually a one-liner …

He has gone to the technical bits now about how to create the case studies and is now talking about typologies and each case relates to a mind-map which helps to deserve the context of the case study … (have no idea what I’m typing!).

Oh – he’s going to play a movie – hopefully this would illuminate what is going on (missed bits again because Will was trying to help me get my internet connected – still not able to – connection might be weak in this room).

Oh wait, although the video is playing, he decides not to show it to us … but instead gone into the patterns to show us that we can browse through the whole structure of the learning patterns, and there is also something call a learning patterns video course. Alright, he is stopping now. Time for questions.

He’s answering a question and is saying there is no such as a bad case study – as through the case there would be something that can be contextualised or learn from it.

Kim: Asked about some pattern examples that came out

Yishay is answering that there are categories of structure, related pattern languages, methodlogy and design process, as well as anti-patterns.

I think I missed something here – I thought this was learning language but it seems to be something related to mathematics – guess I didn’t see any numbers or squiggly lines so, didn’t connect it was with mathematics.

Question: Do you have any idea how to apply this to the open-course ware?

Said we can build up a chain of mini-games that can be included or also help in the design of the materials.


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