Thanks to contributing reporters!

October 31, 2007

Yes it is nice to have the conference over – but it is also great to find out even more about the presentations I missed by reading these blog entries. Thank you very much to those who have blogged here (and elsewhere – pipes might be letting us down but technorati and flickr can now kick in). Thanks in particular to the core blogging team of Gill, Anesa and Rebecca and the extra blogs and pictures from Ale, Andreia, Steve, Andreas and Alex.


2 Responses to “Thanks to contributing reporters!”

  1. simonfj Says:

    “it is nice to have the conference over”. You mean you don’t want to run another straight away? Got the post delivery blues yet? (every new mother gets them you know)

    Many thanks to you and your stringers. A big clap. What say you all? But for God’s sake “blogging team?”. “Contributing reporters”, please.

    The penny is starting to drop for these ancient eyes Patrick, thanks to your duties as an OU sensemaking librarian. As I browse your OER’s (can we call them Open Learning Materials (OLM) yet?,
    I noticed the ‘Access Group: World’ at the bottom of each article.

    I guess this is the next challenge; pointing (from OLM in remote domain’s libraries) to an Access Groups’ Interactive environment (forum + blogs+ wikis+ whatever tools appeal to a sociable global group). Perhaps we might also include some of the Real Time ones in time. My best regards to the group.

  2. Patrick McAndrew Says:

    Thanks Simon – I have made the change you suggested with an edit. Contributing reporters does feel better and reflects the thanks need to go wider than those who put their reports on this site.

    As for calling OERs OLMs this is an open world. You can call them whatever you wish :-).

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