Reflections on Conference Blogging

October 31, 2007

I’m nearing the second day of blogging the OpenLearn conference, posting my blog towards the end of each session I attend and I started to reflect a bit on the experience. I always blog conference – it’s how I make and keep my own notes. But I’ve never been an “official” conference blogger before, nor really part of a blogging team. Posting to a shared blog is an interesting and quite a pleasant experience. As I do so, I can see what my friends and fellow bloggers have written about their sessions. It sometimes makes me smile and is always interesting. It feels like a sort of network of eyes and ears linked through blog entries.  Intense but run.  It certainly enhances the experience for me.


One Response to “Reflections on Conference Blogging”

  1. Anesa Says:

    I share your sentiment … it has been quite interesting and it has been fun seeing the other posts as well – haven’t got chance to read them properly … but I must say something about live blogging – the sentences I make are not very articulate, and words are missing from the sentence particularly verbs … and my typos are really crazy – however being a real blogger means I got to pay attention for 90% of the time – in most conferences I have some sessions where I do blank out and that keeps me refresh for my other sessions :D.

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