Ray on his talk for infodiversity

October 31, 2007

Ray on his talk for infodiversity

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Came into the wrong session suppose to be in the users session … anyway, this guy doesn’t have any slides, also, my computer refused to come on and then my pen refused to work so couldn’t make much notes – pretty much nature was trying to prevent me from blogging this – but hey – got the stuff working now.

Ok so basically he started of talking about something called digital locks and about some Russian guy getting locked up in jail for something.

Then talked about a housewife being fined/jailed for sharing music on a peer-to-peer network and that most people don’t realised that this could be traced.

Internet is seen as a great piracy machine and nothing else – this is an opinion of someone – but not sure whom probably big companies who have copyright issues. He is quoting something else that says that people ignore things of being quality unless it is not copyright.

He’s talking about something called LYPOS 90 and LYPOS100 – not sure what these are but I think has something to do with policy and copyright issues.

Sustainability and energy costs – he is talking about our consumption of fossil fuels – not sure how this relates – ahh … talking about how this would have an impact on our use of digital technologies – so you hear that – get solar powered computers … not sure what is going to happen in the UK – when everyday is cloudy :), probably then the third world who are in the tropics would be rich countries :D.

He’s talking about leaving his PC on overnight he says it uses 9 units/hr …. That’s a lot …. the annual energy cost of running an avatar on second life actually uses more energy than a real person in the whole year.

Hmm (my internet is refusing to connect now – this must be the un-technology hour – him refusing to use slides must be causing this :)). Question time!

Kim Tucker from S. Africa: Technology has got us into the mess of global warming etc. and perhaps technology can get us out of it (such as reducing deforestation). Ray is talking about control in China – not sure how it is related to the question – probably missed something as I’m still trying to get my internet to work!

Pete Mitton from the OU: Are the policy people actually in a position of strength or in a position of being afraid to release control? Ray is saying we have more things on our side but these people are in the position of making things to change.


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