Cathy Casserly goes trick or treating

October 31, 2007

Cathy from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundat has gone  for the theme of trick or treat very suitable for the day – Halloween. We have been waiting to see where Hewlett Foundation will go next on the the OER area. What quickly came clear is that there are plans for a next stage (around the idea to transform teaching and leaning. Hewlett operates term limits which means that there will be a new director for the education side at the end of next year, as Mike Smith reaches the end . Cathy then announced that see becomes director of at least the OER part initiative in January and as she says that is a strong indicator of the support from the board.

She outlined a two level approach for what she termed the second stage of the OER programme. The two levels are infrastructure and teaching and learning. At the infrastructure level the Hewlett answer is core agencies, networks partnerships (including other foundations such as Shuttlewoth, organisations UNESCO, EU, commercial entities Google, Yahoo, etc.), Intellectual Property, Guidelines, Sustainability, Research and Metrics.
The other part of the programme is to transform teaching and learning:
1.    Game based environments for teaching complex learning. – e.g. Open Language Learning Initiative (English and Chinese on the go)
2.    Open textbooks.
3.    Research and development of open participatory learning


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