Rose Luckin’s LGC

October 30, 2007

Ecology of Resources
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Rose is doing this presentation. LGC (learner generated contexts) and she is continuing the story of it. The 9 people in the group who did the LGC were not all traditional students (or as I understand it).

There seems to be multiple perscpectives on the LGC such as teacher, trainer, learner, researcher, designer, policy maker, developer etc.

LGC is a context “created by people interacting together with a common self-defined goal”

Key concept of LGC is that “they are created through the enterprise of those who would previously have been consumers in a context created for them” – she referred back to John’s diagram …

Said there was a change in mismatch between technology change and ‘ogy’ change (i.e. pedagogy and others which I can’t remember now!)

She analogises that teaching and learning is like an “Ikea education” that is get something flat-packed, get the materials related to Biology for example.

Also, need to carry the learning space design beyond that of flexibility but perhaps a physical environment (?) and therefore control how it feels and works … natural workings space perhaps (Guba and Lincoln)? Certainly in openlearn students, they study in their own chosen environment but in LGC are students put in a particular environment – does environment in this case means the computer environment? I’m a bit confused – but guess if it is kids then it would be a school environment.

The BECTA policy is influencing the learning environment in particular harnessing technology that would enhance the learners voice. Alright people have just had a chuckle … and I have no idea why!

Ohh interesting … LGC cannot have an entry into Wikipedia as it is considered as being “non-notable jargon” … interesting… guess it is not worthy unless Wikipedia recognizes it :D.

I really not so happy with the black background and white font, very dazzling and bit crowded… (hopefully she doesn’t read this!) …

She is talking about reviews on a paper from the OpenLearner reviewers. She has just shown the reviews … got to say not very complimentary – I feel bit better about my last paper for Computers & Education being rejected :D.

Oh … a nice circle picture … think I saw this at CAL … something about the ecology of resources, just took two pictures of it … one is on how it is now and one on how she would like the students interacting (unfortunately my camera is making really loud sounds when the picture is being taking out – so may have to stop that.)

Right, so now she is talking about the agency of the student (I’ve never understood agency!) and how something can provide affordance to the students (this is not turning out to be a very useful blog!)

Ahh … here she is talking whether the secondary school teacher as a role in the LGC format and there seems to be as they can help facilitate the networks and communities (changed the slide – so not sure if that is true :D)

I see this LGC is kind of like the participatory learning enquiry that John talked about earlier … about looking at things in the outside world and looking at the multiple environmental perspectives.

She is showing a clip from youtube on something about academia 2.0. ( – found the link on youtube hopefully it is the correct one!) Something about the attention span of the students and that if it is relevant to the student then the students wouldn’t have such a short attention span.

They’re inviting participation through their wiki ( which is being run/ setup from the secondary school teacher who has bought into the LGC … I’m getting the impression therefore that some teachers are feeling as if they’re being marginalized by the LGC. I think therefore their bigger problem is how to get these teachers to accept this LGC but the problem is that teachers are not trained to teach in and LGC mode but differently, so, one is saying put aside all your training and do this instead is a pretty huge step. Question session now!

John Seely is here and he is talking about using World of Warcraft to do this … and Denise was talking about doing something in which statistical data can be collected


2 Responses to “Rose Luckin’s LGC”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I thought I do my own notes as a comment this time – having seen the three parallel blogs from John’s session. I think Rose’s starting point of moving from user generated content to Learner Generated Context. There is a clear link with John’s presentation and the coment about the vote for a revolution at one consultation underlines a readiness to change that pervades the education section. The characteristics that she then listed e.g. learners have agency and their work is published fits with the working in public described by John as atelier working. Rose also made the connecti with the YouTube Academia20 as long as you can make learning relevant you can get their attention for hours and break the attention span problem. The LGC wiki
    How can we move forward methodolically? Testing the principles with learners. Move towards collecting practice. Feel that the need to move the spaces from their conventional (Facebook Microsoft, Mypace Murdoch) position to more learner set contexts. Mike referred back to Bonnie Nardi’s work on Activity Theory, Distributed cognition and Situated Action. With contrasts between emerging aspects through interaction and the need to meet outcomes. Mike would put these together rather than apart. Denise Whitelock – still not sure what we are dealing with – lots of tacit knowledge, perhaps best placed in a reparatory grid – i.e. labelling the ideas with more solid labels. John – need to look at dialectic with learners and institution. Look at world of warcraft as example of learner generated context. – it would bring in a whole new way of looking at both gamespaces and learning.

  2. James Says:

    Patrick – this is coming across as rather nebulous… a sort of gasping for some kind of vision rather than anything substantive. Was Denise trying to root the discussion in more solid research foundations?

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