Andrew Ravenscroft and Patrick McAndrew’s bootcamp web 2.0

October 30, 2007

Patrick McAndrew’s bootcamp web 2.0

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Hmm … can’t seem to connect to the wireless network here .. Agnes is chairing so, we are about to start … people are still coming in …

Ahh … I thought he (Andrew) looked familiar he was at CAL – at least that is what he said.

He is using the metaphor of a bootcamp in which people are in charge etc.

OpenLearn is a workbench in which we can do things on …

He is saying it is uncertain whether the openlearn is informal or formal whether it is blurred. He has an interesting line here “we are not on the web not in the web but we are becoming part of the web” or something to that effect.

He has a question about hot to change huge-scale social and media-rich interaction for interest to large scale mdeia rich interaction for learning? And he cites for example trying to use such things as Facebook.

Open learning practices he indicates are such things as ambient pedagogies and learning designs, as well as digital dialogue games and learn2getha (a pedagogical web 2.0).

Patrick has started his part now, and he is saying what Andrew said gave them some food for talk to decide what to do in the OpenLearn. He is talking about sticks and carrots … where does this come in … is that a British term?

He is saying that there are no assignments or reviews etc in the OpenLearn so there is not the old ‘motivation’ but instead the OpenLearn users are doing this for personal development.

He showed a cloud tag about what people wanted to do such as like science and also a cloud tag on what they like about OpenLearn is that it is free. Patrick asks the question whether OpenLearn is a bootcamp – but here in the students are being asked to do things. Interestingly enough he says through a search in Google there is a large number of the word work (about 11,000??).

He has a curve he drew by hand which looks a bit incongruent with his nice clean lines of his presentation :D.

He says that there is a need to draw in people and realise this is fun (?) … and wants to reduce the support that is required. He has a large number of these hand-drawn graphs. He is talking now about an inter-dependence I guess between the students and openlearn.

He wants to get openlearn to do support learning for fun … so, wants something that can allow students to do something straightaway, also to keep track of plans and activities (must be what he was talking about in Jonathan’s talk), and providing personal information … missed the rest.

Ok, Andrew is back on to talk about the ambient learning designs. So, there is the digital dialogue games (the interloc tool) – think it is something with a highly structured dialogue practice. I think this thing is like the Monkey Island game – or maybe not … but something with a dialog with some kind of video on youtube and having a dialog about it in a game-like way … it could be like a Monkey Island game? That’ll be an idea!

It’s some kind of structured dialog in which they can check back their performance – not entirely sure how it works – probably need to see it in action. So, who is answering back these questions is it a collaboration between students … I think the only structure is the way in which the questions are structure as they have to choose things such as “I disagree with this because” or “I agree with this because” – he says the students find this interesting – but wonder for how long? Question time!

One guy is saying we got to be careful with these scaffolding tools as pedagogical tools, as we need to find out from an anthropological angle to find out what is going on between the students in these dialogue tools as he raises the issue of World of Warcraft where he thinks a scaffolding tool would be met with some hilarity in such a context.


2 Responses to “Andrew Ravenscroft and Patrick McAndrew’s bootcamp web 2.0”

  1. r3becca Says:

    I don’t understand the bootcamp analogy. Aren’t bootcamps supposed to be very harsh and unforgiving?

  2. Gill Says:

    The sticks and carrots analogy is a british term I guess. You get a donkey to do what you want either by offering him a carrot or by wielding a stick. I guess the bootcamp must be the equivalent to the stick and OpenLearn must equate to the carrot. Wish I’d been there but you can’t be in two (or three) places at ones.

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