Using images from FlickR

October 29, 2007

OpenLearn2007 conference bags packedThere are two ways to get an image into the blog from Flickr. For this post, I viewed the image on FlickR, right-clicked and used “Save as” to save the photo to my desktop. I then uploaded it to wordpress from within the Create New Post dialogue.

FlickR also has a “blog this” button. I have configured FlickR to “blog this” to this blog (see previous post). However to do this each blogger needs to create their own link to the OCHRE blog, providing their wordpress username.  Here’s how:

1. Log into the openlearn2007 FlickR account and then go here which is the add blog page. Select to add a wordpress blog and specify the API endpoint of Enter your own username and password and click next.

At the next screen you will see the blog name listed as Open Content Holistic Research Blog.

2. CHANGE THIS to something like “Anesa’s OCHRE” or “Alex’s OCHRE” so we don’t post to the blog as each other.

3. I recommend that you uncheck the box which says “store your password”. This will prevent anyone else from accidentally blogging from your username.

4. You also get the option to choose the template to use when posting your image (image on the right, the left, big, small etc), so select whichever you like the best.

5. Save your blog definition.

Now, when you click “blog this” when viewing an image, you will see your blog listed. Click that and enter your password when prompted to create your new post.

I recommend that you simply upload the image from FlickR to the blog with a few words, but then go back to edit from within the OCHRE blog so you can make sure that you put the tags Openlearn and Openlearn2007 on the entry so it gets picked up by the RSS feed aggregator.


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