How many papers can we write?

May 18, 2007

Working on the OpenLearn project means looking at quite a range of issues: how people learn, production processes, software design, impact of social software, research methods, theories, sustainability, … . Recently I went to a gathering of Hewlett funded projects in Houston and my colleagues went to a meeting of the Open Courseware Consortium in Santander. These were very positive event – but we came away with the feeling that some people felt we were not telling them everything we were up to. They are right – and so I feel we need to find methods to get our work out there. Not quite sure what is the best approach as actually after only six months of running means we have quite a few uncertainties, but have a couple of plans in progress.

First move has been to declare a writing week starting with a brainstorm where in about half-an-hour we generated more than 50 titles. We have shared these out a bit and next stage is to see which make the good starts of papers. Some of these will then definitely become submissions and full papers, others may well have a life as a couple of page reports, and I am sure some will fall by the way. It has definitely generated some ideas and helped firm up plans.

The other aspect is a start at redesigning the LabSpace. Several motivations behind this but one is to move towards more ways to bring in participation and collaboration.


2 Responses to “How many papers can we write?”

  1. steve Says:

    Let me know if there are any topics we might collaborate on.


  2. Patrick McAndrew Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Great idea – I am really keen on having views across different organisations and your MIT experience is so valuable. The paper title we brainstormed can be found on a Wiki at

    I will get the abstracts that have resulted so far organised and link them in as well.


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