Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure

March 28, 2007

At the Houston meeting for Hewlett’s OER Grantees we have been looking at the way forward, and in particular a report produced by John Seely Brown, Dan Atkins and Al Hammond. In the report they end up with a proposal that the way forward can be best achieved by working on an Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure OPLI Initiative. More about all that including the link to the paper can be found at the OERderves blog Before the conference they asked for comments and I posted about not being sure that the word “infrastructure” gave the best message. On arrival I found my blog comment offered as an example of misunderstanding and a fuller explanation of infrastructure as not just the pipes and wires was given. I was not too sure how to feel about being such an example but was reassured by John Seely Brown that the post was very useful to give them the chance to explain further. So I will be happy about it – though actually I am still not sure that infrastructure *is* quite the word that is needed I will practice dropping OPLI into future conversations and proposals!


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