Standards and formats – thoughts from CETIS meeting

December 8, 2006

I have just attended a CETIS workshop meeting in Glasgow. This gave me a chance to present about our work on OpenLearn but also from the other presentations to get an update on the work going on in IMS. This matters to us as we want to offer our LabSpace material in alternative ways for people to reuse – at the moment they would need to be brave enough to edit our XML files to create new versions. That is not that hard (Word can do it) but is definitely off-putting. So we are working on new formats one of which scheduled for quite soon is IMS CP (Content Packaging). So it was great to hear Wilbert Kraan talk about the latest version 1.2. This sounds like it has made some sensible advances in how to hande vocabularies and to allow a form of external linking. However it also places us in a bit of dilemma as to whether we go with this new version or stick to the old to be in line with other environments. I did ask the question but I think the answer left it up to us to judge. Probably what we do will depend on whether the new features in 1.2 will help us at all.

Kevin Riley also presented about IMS Content Cartridge. Clearly he has been working hard on getting people to agree things but the result had quite a lot of limitations. It had no mention of Learning Design or IMS CP 1.2 and only implements limited QTI (Question and Test Interoperability). The answers to these were that those features were all that were needed for the commercial publishers involved, but actually I think that they could be too limiting. Anyway I think that enables us to place that one in a wait and see position.

In any case I think that while these items remain on the agenda the more useful advance may well be around RSS and web service access to content. These will take a while but I think I have finally been convinced by Tony Hirst OUseful blog and my colleagues in KMi.

Oh the joys of being back in the IMS World!


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