Launched – 25th October

November 24, 2006

(Should have posted this October 25th – but I won’t pretend.)

Anyone looking at this will realise I am not a natural blogger! But having said we were approaching launch it seems rather important that I should say we did. The launch was on October 25th in London, but actually I missed it as I was off to Barcelona for a meeting orgainsed by the OECD to discuss Open Educational Resources. The meeting didn’t start until 26th but as I was one of the first speakers in the morning I should have caught on earlier that it meant missing the launch event the previous evening. By all accounts the launch event went well with good attendence and good speeches by Bill Ramell (Minister of State for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education), Larry Lessig and Mike Smith (from Hewlett) as well as the Open University’s Vice Chancellor Brenda Gourley. See Marc’s comments at the time for a fuller eye-witness account.

The site is at and has been quite an achievement in relatively short time. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring there is a good range of content on the site but its companion site also has some very interesting extra tools and allows anyone to download, rework and upload our content. That was the feature that probably was in most doubt as the deadline approached and the result is much trickier to use that is ideal but actually is trying to achieve something rather tricky to do.


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