Paper v HP6915

July 28, 2006

At the MoodleMoot I either took notes on the HP iPaq or notes on paper. So far I have put up the notes from the PDA and it might be that I never get around to the paper ones – which would be a pity as it includes both Roichard Treves talk that looked at screencasts and Juliette White’s presentation of the JoinIn project that also involves Alex Little and Me. I switched to paper because I felt a bit distracted by the need to look down at the keyboard and actually I tended to stop writing when I sat next to someone I know. So paper felt better at the time but the HP wins on doing something with the result – though only once I had re-editted it on the laptop.


2 Responses to “Paper v HP6915”

  1. Gill Says:

    I ran across this five-month old post when playing around with RSS feeds and Netvibes. I too have used the IPAQ 6915 to take notes at confernences, however I used the handwriting function. This felt quite like taking notes in a small notebook and meant that I wasn’t likely to lose anything.

    Initially I used the handwriting recogniser to convert my scribbles into typeface, but by the end I just left the file as handwritten notes. For me, the advantage was having everything in the one device.

    Had I wanted to blog or otherwise share my notes, I probably would have used the recogniser even though that seemed a bit slow (my handwriting during a presentation is never at its neatest). Alternatively I would simply have typed them up as if they were on a piece of paper.

    For me, the biggest advantage of the PDA for note-taking is its size. It fits easily into a handbag or big pocket.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Before the HP6915 I had a tablet PC and at first was amazed by the handwriting recognition. My handwriting is a scribble and so I was impressed that it got a lot of it correct. But then I realised that in practice it was getting something wrong in just about every paragraph and that was not good enough.

    Since making my original post I have hardly used the HP at all as a note taker. But think I will give it another go!

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