MoodleMoot Paul Andrews and Helen Foster

July 26, 2006

This presentation started with an aside about the stats block that Paul Andrews has developed. Again this is something we need. The main focus was on how to accessthe NLN objects developed over the last few years. An object module has been developed that allows picking and previewing of the objects from a repository with most of the objects being in Flash. The system gave access to many produced packages via pointers to the central place. Initial set up is by copying resources into a directory. The system works with other material that is IMS or scorm compliant material. There are some limitations as the onjects themselves are built for presentation rather than tracking so Moodle has less information about them than you might hope. Their experience demonstrated the need to bring materials to teachers rather than ask them to pick from the internet. This was all good stuff but in the end I think it was said that in Moodle 1.6 the IMSCP module will do the same job if the repository option is enabled. The Object Module had a few extra features but probably not enough to be worth the duplication. There was discussion about the need for a Moodlised library for CPs. ViewLet builder and eXe and Reload were discussed as way to build CPs.

At the end the end of the talk another aside led to Paul offering “the HitchHiker’s guide to Moodle” as a tutorial on the gloscat vle (note they did look at camtasia but decided on ppt for simplicity). This presentation was another mention for wink – so I guess I should have a look at that. The site to follow up on a lot of this is


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