MoodleMoot Martin Langhoff

July 26, 2006

Martin is one of the core developers working in NZ. He has been looking at ways to add repositories in fairly broad way. The open content movement is part of goal but actually the approach is to treat providing digital objet repositories might be best treated as a generic target. There is fvarious work that it would be worth looking into such as hive integratio, oarinz, mattt oquist’s work, OU’s documentum. In their own project called OSLOR they selecting ePrints and have produced a modified version that offers support for both IMSCP and Moodle backups with IMSCP Structures. The site to see the system is but as yet with no content.

Martin’s aims match to Jason Cole’s dream of all Moodles connecting to one repository and with very low installation barriers.      Moodle network project aims to switch from a repository model to Moodle exchange. Version control issues for Open Content may be tackled by looking the appraochs from e.g. debian for software distribution (asp-get?). Other relevant approaches were git(??) and mercurial(??) that show new models for how to do concurrent editting and conflict resolution. The tools now available included Hive integration and eprints (plus a patch). Apparently there is a further Swiss solution newly available (possibly called Door) and in the Netherlands “content corner” uses IMS LOM. In end discussion peope were talking about the need to go betond content sharing and I joined in describing the intentions for OpenLearn’s LabSpace – it is a bit hard to compare features for something that is yet to exist with the concrete work already carried out on the repositories but it does feel like we are addressing important aspects overlooked in a lot fo other content projects.


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