MoodleMoot Martin Dougiamas: final session

July 26, 2006

The final session gave Martin the chance to answer a few questions from the stage. The questions tended to be about the standards and plans including one from me asking about the plans for IMS LD. I think we can go on too much about these standards and specifications but it is the one thing that has probably slipped behind while a lot else has advanced. For IMS LD the answer was that it is still the intention to have LD be a core part of how Moodle operates but talking around the conference it seems that the OU is now seen as the main actor here and I know that our own activity is a bit stalled. Having said that with Martin Weller now leading the academic side and our own SLeD LD player having another push as part of the D4LD project there is scope for some impact with the easy option being a LAMS-like semi-integration.

That was an aside about Learning Design (supposedly my previous obsession!). Anyway Martin gave good positive answers about other forward looking issues and with the promise of a rapid release of 1.7 (and a hint we might even have a 1.8 with Juliette’s grouping code in it). This was a good conference with much more overlap with OpenLearn than I first expected.


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