MoodleMoot Niall Sclater

July 25, 2006

Niall is Directore of the big VLE project to use Moodle at the OU he talked mainly about the work on Moodle that OU commissions:

Roles and Permissions

 OU need extra identities for more control. The examples Niall gave were very much at the control end but I think it could help build more options particularly when combined with work like our group concepts developed in JoinIn.


This is a big issue for the OU and interesting work has been led by the Accessibility in Edducational Media team in IET.

Integration with other OU systems.

The OU has its own peculiarities and Niall went through several of them. One remark he made was about the split between authoring and working directly in Moodle. He said it is crazy to build eg assessment in structured authoring. Use Moodle tools instead.

Portals issues.

TrackingTracking data is gathered but often ignored Niall showed some heat maps of screen attention. This has is another prompt to think about using our eye trackng system to investigate the different sort of attention a learner pays rather than a user.

Asynchronous communication tools.

Blogs as a way to give courses more life eg tutor comments as updates. At the moment Moodle blogs lack commenting. Some see this as an issue but it might well be that there is no need when in the overall Moodle environment.Wikis are epected to play a role in developinng more collaborative tasks.

Synchronous tools

The KMi tools were highlighted BuddySpace – context dependence.FlashMeeting was shown. I have just been looking at this and in particular flashvlog – more leater if I get it working.


The OU is now looking after the quiz module and linking it to its existing work on the openmark system.


It looks like there are several groups addressing ePortfolio and the OU is one of them.

Learning Design

My own area – I know this has got a bit stalled but remains an interest both for the OU and for Moodle.

Mobile Learning

Niall took the chance to announce Intel would be working on offline client issues for Moodle – this will bring benefits for mobile and PDA access.

At the end of Niall’s talk it was clear that the OU is taking its involvement with Moodle very seriously. 


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