What is in a name?

June 30, 2006

One of the sticking points at the moment is quite what to call things in our project. We had consulted internally and then surveyed our quick panel of OU students (PRESTO) to confirm choices. However we have now been pulled up on getting an external view, which is a good point but has set us back a bit. We will now carry out some external consultation and it will probably be worthwhile.

Coincidentally I was told at the CALRG conference http://kn.open.ac.uk/public/index.cfm?wpid=5407 that myArtSpace http://www.myartspace.org.uk/ had become ookl http://www.ookl.org.uk/– this will be a good move if it becomes popular but is obscure if it doesn’t. I guess our project has the same issue to either spell out what we do or try to be short and snappy.

How do people choose names these days?


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